Uvim – FCC

( Floor Cleaner Concentrate)

With great ease, FCC will clean the dirtiest of the places from Hospitals, Hotels, Factories etc. We can vouch for the difference the eyes will notice after the use of FCC. FCC is the best solution for corners from the stairs and buildings which are known for the amount of filth they attract.

  • Experience floor cleaning like never before with UVIM Floor Cleaner Concentrate (UVIM FCC).
  • More cleanliness in less quantity is the best thing about FCC.
  • FCC makes sure dirty surfaces are cleaned and clean surfaces sparkle.

Uvim – TC

(Toilet Cleaner)

How would you feel if your toilet bowl cleaner makes the toilet bowl shine like new every time you use it. From its first time use, TC will add shimmer to the toilet bowl like never before. This is noticeable at each and every instance. Few leaders in this segment can claim to give such a lasting effect in such less quantity.

  • Ready to use Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Tough stains will give up easily time and again.
  • Pour it – leave it- come back and brush lightly for a totally sparkling toilet bowl.
  • Toilets of more footfall tend to get more dirty and more quickly.
  • TC ensures ease of cleaning with a long lasting effect.


(Hard Water Scale Remover Concentrate)

We know how hard it is to get rid of those hard water stains. D-SCALA comes to set us free from the scrubbing and hard work for removal of hard water stains from glass partitions in washrooms, swimming pools, etc.

  • The recommended dilution is 50-100 ml in 1 ltr. water for places like washroom glass or the spray and wipe method.
  • High concentration of scales in places like swimming pools attracts direct use of this amazingly splendid hard water stain remover

Uvim – GCC

(Glass Cleaner Concentrate)

Want a glass so clean, it almost seems invisible?? We vouch for the transparent clean glass you will get with one spray and wipe from GCC.

  • Dilution of 100 ml GCC in 1 Ltr of water gives you an unbelievably clean glass that you won’t see at all.
  • It leaves a wonderful lingering fragrance and don’t forget the clean glass.


(Water Based Room Freshener Concentrate)

A mild lemon, rose or orange fragrance can brighten up anyone and everyone. A peek of Lavender, Sandal or Mogra can bring a relaxing feeling to the mind.  The long lasting aroma is sure to elevate one and all.

  • Serene comes with an added advantage of being a water based room freshener concentrate
  • No specific recommended dilution
  • Suitable for refreshing offices, homes, public gatherings, various institutions and any space with tranquil
  • Just dilute and spray to your heart’s content and we are sure to get a thumbs up from you
  • Available in Lemon, Rose, Orange, Lavender, Sandal and Mogra fragrances

Uvim – NOOD

(Odour Deterrent Concentrate )

This Neem based Odour deterrent concentrate ensures freshness of Pine stays long after the floor is wiped with it. When spread in toilets, Nood overpowers pungent smells with its Pine fragrance.

  • Prominent Pine fragrance
  • Famously used as floor cleaner in lobbies of Hospitals and Educational Institutions
  • Its recommended dilution starts from a decent 200 ml in 800 ml of water and can vary according to the choice of the end user
  • No specific dilution defined



You got soiled hands? We bring Gentle to you. Just a few drops of Gentle Handwash on dirty hands will leave them clean and leave you happy with the mild fragrance of your choice. Enjoy the liberty of selecting the scent of Lemon, Orange, Lavender or pick from Mogra, Sandal or Rose. For marvelous smell and clean hands.

  • Wash soiled or dirty hands with just a few drops of Gentle
  • Spoil yourself with fragrance options like Lemon, Orange, Lavender or pick from Mogra, Sandal or Rose

Uvim – SHINO

(Furniture Shiner)

Uvim  Shino is a unique wood shiner. With regular use a distinct shine is noticeable on the wooden articles like tables, bedside tables, chairs. This ready to use furniture maintainer polishes all wooden surfaces to a fine sheen.

  • Spray little quantity on a clean cloth
  • Gently wipe wooden surface for excellent gleam